Fall Canvas Print Sale and 2018 Calendars online

Fall is definitely here now and I’ve had a lot of fun photographing the change in colors this season. To go along with the change in seasons, I’ve decided it is time for a Fall canvas gallery wrap sale. I’ve selected the photo “A sheltered spot” for the sale.

A Sheltered Spot
A Sheltered Spot

This sale is for 16×20″ canvas gallery wrap for $99 (about 50% regular price) and will run through the afternoon of November 11th. Click here to order.

2018 calendar preview
2018 calendar preview

I’ve also got my 2018 Kansas Calendar ready and calendars can be ordered online by clicking hereCalendars are printed on demand for each order, so please allow about 2 weeks for delivery.

A Weekend for wildlife watching


This past weekend I made several trips out and about with my camera. A lot of my photography lately is done on weekend trips with my wife. We like to load up our dog and head out for drives to various places nearby. We usually try to head to a location where we can get out at different times and do some walking – our dog really loves when we do that. These are fun weekends and we really look forward to them. I never know what I might find to photograph. Sometimes it is mostly landscapes that I end up shooting and sometimes it is more wildlife that we come across. This past weekend was definitely more wildlife oriented. Continue reading “A Weekend for wildlife watching”

Getting Ready for the Fall Crops

Milo (sorghum) field 2016

Several of my previous blog posts have talked about photographing recurring events each year. Looking at the world through a camera has definitely helped me be more aware of the cycles of the world occurring around me. Since I live in a state heavily involved in agriculture, some of the cycles I end up photographing each year are related to field crops. Kansas is known as “the wheat state” for a good reason, producing a significant portion of the U.S. wheat crop each year. Each summer I try to spend time photographing the wheat fields as they mature around the state. Wheat harvest was an important time in my house when I was growing up and photographing the wheat fields brings back a lot of memories for me. I also think the wheat fields are beautiful, and it can be very peaceful to sit and watch a field sway in the summer wind. Continue reading “Getting Ready for the Fall Crops”