Fall show at Radina’s Coffeehouse

If you find yourself wandering northeast Kansas and pass near Manhattan, stop by Radina’s Coffeehouse in Aggieville and grab a cup of coffee and check out the photos I have on display there until October 16th.

Green comes to the Prairie – A look back at some spring views from the Flint Hills

Riley County

Summer has definitely arrived now. The calendar has shown that summer has already arrived, but recently the thermometer has also been letting us know that summer is here. I really try hard to find the best in each season, but right now I’m really looking forward to fall.

With the increased summer temperatures, I’ve been finding excuses to stay inside. Looking for the silver lining, spending more time inside has given me an excuse to get caught up on some photo editing and organizing, including going through photos I made this spring. We had a beautiful spring this year, mild temperatures and several good rains. The prairie flora apparently really liked these conditions (who didn’t?) and the Flint Hills were really lush and green this year. I was fortunate to get to make several trips across the Flint Hills region this spring and I’ll share some of those photos in this post. Continue reading “Green comes to the Prairie – A look back at some spring views from the Flint Hills”

Late winter views from the shoreline

Winter sunset reflected in the River Pond area of Tuttle Creek Lake.

I like to photograph water, it is fun to work with creatively. The reflective quality of still water can be really beautiful, especially at the edges of the day. Moving water is also fun to work with, flowing water can create interesting textures and patterns to photograph and I love the look of moving water photographed with a slow shutter speed.

Personally, I also find being around water to be peaceful and relaxing. I enjoy wandering around the shoreline of a lake or sitting by the side of stream. Those feelings of relaxation and peacefulness are important to me to try and express in a photograph. Continue reading “Late winter views from the shoreline”